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Friends and Neighbours (FAN) group, Palmerston Centre, Barry

Last updated: 16/09/2020
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What we do

COVID 19 COMMUNITY SUPPORT. Friends and Neighbours group meetings take place most days by Zoom or Messenger. One is in Welsh. Check our website or Facebook page for up to date timings.

Friends and Neighbours (FAN) is a charity which brings people together in the spirit of friendship.

FAN groups are a wonderful resource for communities.

Anyone who enjoys meeting others or who is lonely can find the nearest group and meet friendly people.

We meet for one hour and talk about a chosen topic.

Everyone gets a chance to speak. You do not have to speak if that is what you prefer.

We start and end the meeting with friendly chat.

It’s a great opportunity for local people to meet newcomers. FAN is particularly useful to people who are new to an area, and for people who want to learn/improve their English.

Anyone is welcome at FAN whatever their background.

Come to a FAN group to meet your friends and Neighbours and feel more hopeful in the world.