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National Association For Child Support Action (NACSA) - Family support services

Last updated: 23/04/2024
Family support services
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What we do

Child Maintenance law is complex, and solicitors are hard to find and expensive to hire. NACSA have been dealing with child maintenance law for over 20 years, and have the expertise to offer sound advice when things go wrong. We help parents who have been assessed incorrectly, who may be paying too much -or receiving too little. We help to verify outstanding child maintenance arrears and how such debt can be recovered through enforcement. We also provide tailored support for parents who may be involved with child maintenance disputes in HM Courts and Tribunal proceedings.

NACSA will not help parents evade their responsibility to pay maintenance, nor can we remove child support debt that is proven to be correct. Our remit is to ensure that legislation is applied correctly when CSA/CMS make their decisions. We provide advice, support and information to people whose lives have been affected by the CSA.