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Restricted Growth Association (RGA) UK - Family support services

Last updated: 22/05/2024
Family support services
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What we do

The Restricted Growth Association (RGA) is a registered charity (No 261647) that provides information and support to people of restricted growth and their families.

The RGA provides support to those experiencing the social and medical consequences of restricted growth (dwarfism). Our goal is to reduce the disadvantages of people with dwarfism by helping to increase their knowledge, confidence and ability to meet the challenges that they face as a result of their condition. We also aim to ensure that the diversity of the short stature community is promoted and celebrated. The Association is a forum for the exchange of information and advice, which is provided to people with restricted growth across the UK.

Crucially, the RGA also provides a network for adults and children throughout the UK who have a rare genetic condition.