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Medical Mentor - Health and Wellbeing Coaching online - Commercial (other)

Last updated: 22/05/2024
Commercial (other)
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What we do

My name is Katy, I am an experienced medical doctor.
I offer health and wellbeing coaching online on a one to one basis.

Coaching gives you the space and clarity to set goals and work through ways to achieve them and maximise your personal potential.
I can help support and give information on medical conditions (new and long-standing).
I also support with lifestyle changes that clients want to make - e.g reducing alcohol intake, stopping smoking, improving diet or exercising more.
My service would also be helpful to anyone returning to work after an extended period of leave.

Does this sound familiar:
Recently been given a new diagnosis?
Lots of questions about your health and not sure where to turn for answers?
Multiple medical problems leaving you feeling overwhelmed?
Want to improve your health generally and not sure where to start?

I would love to help. Reach out for a free initial consultation.