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Family support services

Gamechangers - Family support services

Last updated: 30/06/2020
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What we do

Gamechangers helps excluded families who are struggling to cope. Many of them are already known to many statutory agencies but are not working properly with them due to their high levels of need. This is where Gamechangers comes in. Our caseworkers offer patient, persistent support to help the families engage with the support on offer and help navigate all the different services. These can be bewildering for many of families helped through Gamechangers as they are already struggling to cope and experiencing extreme disadvantage. Our support includes helping with housing, looking for work or training, managing debts as well as accessing services helping with substance misuse and domestic abuse. It can also offer support around family mediation and discussions with schools. By offering such intensive support we are able to help the family move forward to tackle their underlying problems and thus minimise the impact of these on the children.