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Brilliant Me 6 week course Wellbeing South Wales - Family support services

Last updated: 15/04/2019
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What we do

Brilliant Me sessions are a place to have fun, talk and learn about our emotions, explore self regulation skills, and make new friends. These sessions have been shown to:
- Improve confidence and self-esteem
- Improve focus and listening skills
- Improve creativity and imagination
- Improve resilience and positive thinking
Each session includes:
- Fun and Chat time
- Simple stretching
- Peer and self massage
- Positive Self Talk
- Breathing exercises
- Introductions to mindfulness
- Story visualisations

Each week we will learn about a different topic. We will be starting with exploring the brain and what is happening when we are worried, then each week we will look at different topics such as anger, friendships,coping skills, self esteem, conflict resolution. We explore how they feel, how to recognise them, what our triggers are and what coping skills we can use to help self regulate, how they impact on us, how we can change things.