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Fairbridge Prince's Trust - Family support services

Last updated: 06/10/2016
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What we do

Taster days and induction
Before every ACCESS course we will put a taster day on for referrers/young people/parents/carers to attend and see a presentation, take a tour and partake in team building games. Young people will then be offered 1-2 inductions if considering the next ACCESS course to help with paperwork.

The ACCESS course has been specially designed to help yopung people to build their confidence and self esteem by giving them the opportunity to experience new and challenging activities. (80% Adventurous activities). The ACCESS course provides a safe and supportive learning environment and has a strong focus personal development. The ACCESS course is 5 consecutive days and includes a 2 night residential that will take place at either a bunkhouse or campsite - weather/season permitting. Once a young person completes their ACCESS course they wil be offered an oportunity to enter the Fairbridge Follow On Programme.