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Writing for Pleasure - Cefn Fforest

Last updated: 29/11/2023
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What we do

We are a friendly and fun group of people who love the written word. Come along and meet new people, make new friends and share a couple of hours in the company of like minded people. Whatever you choose to write, whether it's poems, prose or comedy shorts come and join our group and share the magic of your imagination with others, regardless of whether it's serious, funny or somewhere in between.

We enjoy listening to each others work and like to give feedback to each other based on the works you've completed at home based on a shared subject. We like to have a nice cup of tea/coffee at half time and chat to one another before ending our class with a quick writing session based on a word or phrase of the day and will hold guidance lessons once a month based on the knowledge we learned during our own creative writing qualification.

We have a self-published author among us who is selling their work through Amazon!

Group members must bring their own paper/notepads and pens.