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HeartLine Families - Family support services

Last updated: 21/04/2021
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What we do

Heartline Families is a place for families of children with heart defects, whether congenital or acquired, to come to for support, information and understanding. We provide an online Facebook group for parents to discuss issues. The group is private and by invitation only (you will receive an invite once your membership has been processed). ‘Heart Children’ is a comprehensive handbook primarily for parents but widely used by clinicians, is provided free to our families.

Heartline has two caravans to provide holidays for hard-pressed parents and their children who might not otherwise be able to take a break.

We provide weekend activity breaks for heart children and, separately, their siblings to help them gain independence and physical confidence.

We have a membership of over 3000 Families to whom we provide this support.

We offer bereaved families a place to remember their child in the Heart of Stars constellation.