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Heartstart Wales Courses - Community Learning

Last updated: 14/10/2021
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What we do

Heartstart is our initiative to teach emergency life saving skills to the British public. By attending a course near you, you're helping us create a nation of life savers – where everyone knows how to save a life. We support over 1,000 Heartstart schemes which teach life saving skills to the community.

Individuals or groups can attend a two-hour training course and learn how to:
- recognise a heart attack and a cardiac arrest
- help an unconscious person
- perform CPR
- help someone choking
- respond to serious bleeding.

Please note that your Heartstart instructor is acting in a voluntary capacity, and that they may ask for a small voluntary contribution to cover the costs of venue hire, transportation of equipment and consumables. Please check and confirm this with the instructor before signing up for the course.

Find a course near you by visiting the website.