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The Sofa Singers - COVID-19 Community Support - Event

Last updated: 19/03/2020
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What we do

The Sofa Singers is a free & weekly online singing event that aims to bring people together from around the world to spark joy and human connection. Set up by vocal leader James Sills as a response to global self isolation during the Coronavirus outbreak, The Sofa Singers bring together hundreds of people in real time for 45 minute choir rehearsals, learning a classic song with some optional harmonies/backing parts. Sing as if no-one is listening.... because they won't be! Due to to latency (delay) it is not possible to synchronise and hear all of the singers the same time. But you will be able to see each other so sing with a smile! Afterwards, you may choose to take part in the virtual tea break & share a photo/video on social media using #thesofasingers. Because life is better when we're singing together. ​