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Get There Together - Siop Ellis (SPAR) Llangefni

Last updated: 16/10/2020
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What we do

If you are feeling anxious about getting out and about in your community following the COVID-19 restrictions, this series of videos will help re-familiarise you with locations in your local community.

Simply click on the website link (below) to see a video about what it's like to visit Siop Ellis in Llangefni.

Over the COVID-19 pandemic high-risk populations were advised to shield, and many others have chosen to isolate, particularly older, vulnerable groups. This period of isolation has caused a sudden disruption to daily routines and reduced opportunities for interactions and community activities. As shielding restrictions have eased people living with dementia and their families have expressed how fearful they are about going back out into the community, worried about accessing healthcare services as well as community shops and support groups.