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Fochriw OAP and 55's Club/ Holiday Club

Last updated: 16/12/2022
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What we do

We are a friendly and welcoming group of men and women who like to get together for a good natter over a cuppa, game of bingo and a good laugh. It's a chance to meet other people in the community, make new friends and avoid loneliness. we also have a fabulous holiday savings club. We go on mini adventures around the UK and annual trips. Our Savings club allows you to have a safe place for you to save money for whatever you need and also by joining us and paying weekly cons you can enjoy some fabulous bus trips. We organise 2 day trips throughout the year and a Christmas shopping trip to Swansea which are all paid for from your weekly contributions of just £1 a week.
Join us to save for the things that matter, go out and about on day trips.