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STANCE Diabetic Footcare- Free NHS health and wellbeing EPP Course - Event

Last updated: 10/12/2021
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What we do

STANCE is an innovative and ground-breaking project designed to empower patients at risk of diabetic foot disease to take ownership of their foot care and, by doing so, reduce their risk.

With the rising prevalence in type 2 diabetes, it was clear to the team that this model of care, simply treating a patient’s symptoms, would soon become unsustainable as current interventions fail to adequately address the root cause of, and failing to prevent the progression of, diabetic foot disease.

Now, as part of the STANCE programme, patients are invited to attend an hour-long interactive group education session where they’re given the tools, knowledge and skills to take control of their own care. They also discuss lifestyle factors that they could change to reduce their risk of foot disease, such as stopping smoking with free, NHS services like Help Me Quit and eating a healthy, balanced diet.