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Autism Spectrum Connections Cymru One Stop Shop

Last updated: 18/09/2020
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What we do

Autism Spectrum Connections Cymru provides flexible, person centred support for people aged 16 and over with a diagnosis of Asperger syndrome or high functioning autism.
We understand that each person’s autism will affect them in unique ways. We provide support that is individual to each person and based on each person’s personal strengths and aspirations.

Some of the things we can provide include
• Information on claiming benefits
• Support for people who have recently received a diagnosis
• Support with interpersonal relationships.
• Help to develop problem-solving strategies
• Support to cope with stress, anxiety or sensory issues
We have an employment service, which can help individuals find work and make the most of their working life. We can work with employers to support people with autism spectrum conditions. The One Stop Shop is a safe space where people with an autism spectrum condition can come during regular drop-in times. We host a range of social groups.