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Community Wellness - Holistic health, wellbeing and healing - Mental Health Recovery Services

Last updated: 02/04/2024
Mental Health Recovery Services
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What we do

A path to a better future.
Starting at George Edwards Hall, Wrexham, weekly on a Thursday
⏰28th of March from 9.30am onwards
💖The community wellness team are led by you as an individual
and will help you create your own path to living better 💖
We believe that every person regardless of their circumstances has the right to be well, not just physically, emotionally and psychologically but also socially, environmentally, intellectually, financially and occupationally.
We partner with individuals and communities by firstly seeking to understand your challenges through our in reach programme. We then work with you to develop the right wellness provision and programmes that help them find their own direction, connected with their interests, to better health, including training to learn how to deliver programmes yourself.