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Wellness Walk Cardiff 16th June - Event

Last updated: 07/05/2024
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What we do

Wellness Walks are a series of fundraising walking events that are bespoke to Diabetes UK. They are about making a difference for your own health, and for everyone living with diabetes.

Our walks are an unforgettable way to see iconic sights in exciting cities, whilst spending quality time with friends and family. At the end of your Wellness Walk, spend some time in our Finisher’s Area – pose for a photo on our finisher’s podium, get a relaxing massage, write on our gratitude board or speak to a specialist diabetes dietitian.

And with every step you take and every pound you raise, you’ll be helping to fund our life-changing research that will help us get one step closer to a world where diabetes can do no harm. Together, we are walking for a healthier future.