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Slimming World with Ashleigh - Community Health

Last updated: 20/05/2024
Community Health
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What we do

Live the life you want; eat the food you love and still lose weight!
yes you can!!!!

Lose weight without ever going hungry:
Fill up on everyday favourites like pasta, potatoes, lean meat and veggie choices, with no need to weigh or measure. It’s about cutting calories without counting calories.

Take control and change your mindset:
As experts in the psychology of weight loss, we’ll help you build healthy habits in a way that’s enjoyable and lasts!

Supercharge your weight loss in group:
Join a friendly and super-supportive group.

Build up active habits, at your own pace:
Whether you’re already active or looking for help to get started, our physical activity support programme is tailored to you.

Fit all this around you and your lifestyle:
Exclusive access to the Slimming World member website, app and barcode scanner, more than 2,000 delicious recipes, mindset tools, trackers and activity videos.