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Family support services This resource can use the Welsh language

Teulu Môn - Family support services

Last updated: 23/02/2021
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What we do

Teulu Môn is a free and inclusive service for families on Anglesey

It acts as the first point of contact for all Children, Families and Professionals in accessing information, advice and assistance relating to Children or the families of children, aged 0-25 years.

We are a part of Anglesey’s Children’s Services and we can help if you are:

Looking for childcare or thinking of becoming a childcare professional.

Wanting to find out about activities for children and/ or local support groups in the area.

Seeking advice on how to help a family that are in need of additional support, this may be down to a family breakdown, housing concerns, financial
difficulties or bereavement.

Support for a family that are experiencing problems at school, disability within the family, teenage pregnancies, alcohol and drug misuse.

Wanting to talk through a concern you have for the well-being and possible harm of a child