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Spiffy - A Helping Hand to Happiness | Help Llaw i Hapusrwydd - Commercial (other)

Last updated: 30/06/2020
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What we do

Spiffy is your helping hand to happiness, established to promote positive wellbeing and a mindful lifestyle. We stock a range of carefully selected products that are all designed to help you to feel great. Our four key areas focus on creating a positive environment that makes you happy, taking care of yourself on the outside, self-care for looking after yourself on the inside and a social focus to share your life with those around you.

We are fully trained in counselling, coaching, CBT, mindfulness, education and more. We also work closely with a qualified coach and offer different workshops.

From delicate hand-made greetings cards for a friend to special lights to help you sleep and a range of self-care books, we have your well-being at the centre of our goal. Call in today or visit our website to learn more!