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Bringing up children is far from easy in this day and age, and most families will find themselves struggling at some point.

There will be times when you need information, advice or outside support, either from family, third sector organisations or the health, social care and education professionals.

Whether you’re trying to organise childcare, want to know more about early years education and after-school activities in your area or you just need a little extra support to be a good parent, there is plenty of help available.

You may have specific concerns about your child’s health, behaviour or education and need professional advice, or even an assessment of your child’s needs.

Family Information Service (FIS) – signposts families and children aged 0-19 to services in their area. There is one FIS in each local authority area.

If you are a young person (up to the age of 25) who is stressed or worried, needs support or are having trouble making your voice heard in decisions that affect you, why not contact the MEIC helpline.

More information and resources that are relevant to children and families will be added to Dewis Cymru as it is rolled out across Wales in 2016.

FamilyPoint Cymru is a news hub, helpline, an information source and a platform for parents to have their say.

Last updated: 12/05/2016