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It can be difficult to admit that you’re struggling with everyday tasks around the home.

Perhaps you are getting older, have been widowed or you are living independently for the first time but are finding it harder than you anticipated. Whether it’s the recycling bins you’re battling with, or just keeping your home clean, there is plenty of help around.

If you are unable to prepare and cook your own meals because of frailty, illness or disability, you may be eligible for support from social services, subject to a needs assessment. Several charities provide affordable services to older and disabled people, e.g. help with housework and home maintenance and gardening.

If you are struggling to put your bins out, why not contact the council to see if you can have smaller ones?

Some councils and agencies provide an assisted collection scheme for people who are unable to carry their recycling boxes to the kerbside.

Councils do not provide help with household chores, however if you are looking after someone and struggling to fit household tasks around your caring role, it is worth asking for a carer’s assessment.

The Royal Voluntary Service’s Community Companions service aims to link an older person who is living independently with someone who lives nearby, who’ll pop in for a chat and perhaps help out with small chores like picking up a prescription or changing a lightbulb.

Last updated: 06/04/2023