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There is a lot of free housing advice available, including advice about heating your home and obtaining housing grants.

If you are currently renting or wish to rent, contact your local council or housing association to discuss your housing options.

General advice

Many local authority areas in Wales have dedicated which can help with a range of housing-related questions, including information for private landlords and home owners.

Shelter Cymru and Citizens Advice Bureau help people of all ages, including those who are behind with mortgage and rent payments and are threatened with eviction.

Llamau workswith homeless young people and vulnerable women across Wales.

Housing advice for disabled or older people

Large charities will often offer specific housing advice to those they support. For example, Hafal provides housing advice to people with serious mental illness.

The RNIB, Action for Hearing Loss and SENSE provide housing advice to people with sensory disabilities and Age Cymru will advise older people who are starting to think about where to live in the longer-term.

Housing and Support Alliance provides Easy Read information about housing and support services for people with learning disabilities of all ages.

First Choice is a housing association which works across 18 Welsh local authority area to support tenants with a disability, veterans and others who require specialist accommodation.

The Elderly Accommodation Counsel (EAC) has a useful online tool called HOOP, which encourages older people to think about their living environment and circumstances well ahead of any serious problems arising.

The consumer website Which has online guidance on the housing and residential options that are available for elderly people.


The British Legion provides advice about independent living, care homes and financial issues (including benefits) to ex-Forces men and women, their carers and families.

Wales Homes for Veterans also offers housing advice and support.

Household energy bills

Energy costs have soared over recent years and fuel poverty – when a household spends more than 10% of its income on fuel – is a very real problem. It’s worth seeking help to keep your bills as low as possible.

Remember, your energy company must provide you with an annual summary telling you which of their tariffs you are on and if it is the cheapest for you.

Nest offers advice, benefits checks and grants to households on lower incomes to help them lower their energy bills.

Citizens Advice offers Energy Best Deal sessions for people on low incomes. Topics covered are: switching fuel providers, energy efficiency, fuel debt and benefits entitlement. Download a leaflet.

Or join the Money Saving Expert’s Cheap Energy Club – fill in some details about your usage and you will receive a notification when it becomes cheaper to switch suppliers.

Last updated: 04/05/2016