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Health and Wellbeing
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Good housing is important for your health and overall sense of well-being so it’s important that you are living in the right place for you, i.e. in a home that meets your current needs.

Living in the right housing makes a huge difference to whether you are able to live independently, socialise with others and enjoy a full and active life for as long as possible.

People’s housing needs often change over time, perhaps due to frailty, disability or the need to have others around to support them.

The three-storey house with the large garden could well suit the needs of a growing family, but might prove difficult for an older person with mobility problems to maintain or heat.

Many young adults with learning disabilities choose to live independently and supported housing helps them to do this.

Accessible and adapted housing can help you to maintain your independence, remain in your community and choose how you wish to live your life. Sheltered housing and extra care schemes provide the balance between independence and support.

The right home for you is somewhere you feel safe, you can move around easily, and you can live as independently as possible (with some support if needed). Home is somewhere that feels right, where you can be part of the community (if you wish) and can easily reach the services you need, either on foot, by car or on public transport.


If you are homeless or you are at risk of becoming homeless, your local council has certain legal duties towards you, even where there is no legal duty to provide you with housing.

Last updated: 03/05/2016