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FAN @WHITCHURCH HUB - Library services

Last updated: 23/02/2021
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What we do

FAN stands for Friends and Neighbours. Who is my friend? Who is my neighbour?
Come to a FAN Group and you’ll meet friends and neighbours and feel more hopeful for the world. It’s a great opportunity for local people to meet newcomers. Very few people know all their neighbours these days!
Mondays at 2pm
In our groups everyone is invited to introduce themselves, talk a little about their week and speak on a topic. The topic changes each meeting and our conversations are generally uplifting, often funny and always thoughtful. FAN Groups are open to men and women (unless otherwise stated)
For more information and how to join, contact Sarah
This is an English language group. For Welsh language groups, and for more information on all of the other FAN groups in Cardiff, visit their website