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Family support services This resource can use the Welsh language

Pembrokeshire Parent Partnership Service - Family support services

Last updated: 15/09/2021
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What we do

Pembrokeshire's Parent Partnership Service (PPS) offers families information, advice and support through our team of Inclusion Support
Workers. Our team of trained staff assist with:
- Understanding Additional Learning Needs (ALN)
- Providing impartial, clear and accurate local information, advice and support
- Listening to families talk things through
- Providing information on a wide range of support services
- Practical support dealing with letters, forms and understanding professional reports
- Supporting families to make informed decisions about school and other educational placements, and provision from health, education, social services and
other agencies
- Supporting families to work in partnership with and keeping good working relationships with professionals
- Assisting in developing good working practice between schools and parents/carers
- Supporting families to have a voice
- Training for parents, carers and professionals