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NSPCC – Protect and Respect

Last updated: 22/05/2020
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What we do

Sexual exploitation of children is a complicated issue, which is constantly changing. And texting, email and the internet means it can often be hidden.

That's why it's vital we help children so they're less vulnerable to sexual exploitation, however it happens. And help those who've experienced it to rebuild their lives.

Protect and Respect offers 3 levels of support:

1. Protection
We educate young people about keeping safe. And help them understand what child sexual exploitation and grooming are compared to a safe, loving relationship.

2. Risk reduction
We help young people who we think are at risk by supporting them to secure and maintain a safer environment and a more stable lifestyle.

3. Recovery
We support young people who have been hurt but are now in a safe place and need to make sense of what’s happened. We help them understand that sexual exploitation is abuse and it’s not their fault.