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Youth Wellbeing - Family support services

Last updated: 16/04/2024
Family support services
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What we do

The Families First Youth Wellbeing Service is a Welsh Government funded project based on a multi-agency approach for supporting young people.
The Youth Wellbeing Service offers targeted support for young people who have faced adverse childhood experiences which are significantly affecting their social and emotional wellbeing.

The service aims to:

• Improve social and emotional wellbeing.
• Increase confidence and resilience.
• Empower young people to become active and productive participants in society.
• Improve the life chances of young people.
• Build the capacity of young people to consider risk, make reasoned decisions and take control.
• Develop positive attitudes, behaviour and aspirations.
• Develop the ability of young people to manage personal and social relationships.
• Prevent needs from escalating.
• Protect young people from the damage caused by exposure to ACEs and other similar experiences.