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Reablement services are provided to help people regain their independence after illness or disability.

Reablement services are usually provided for a relatively short time, i.e. weeks rather than months.

You may be advised that you need some form of reablement if you have:

  • had a serious illness, stroke or heart attack
  • undergone major surgery
  • fallen at home or outside the home
  • become socially isolated
  • lost the confidence to do things for yourself

You must be living in your own home (owned or rented) and be able to live in the community with some support.

If you are in hospital, the nurse or social worker will usually make a ‘referral’ on your behalf – this means that they will let social services know that you are going home and need short-term reablement services.

If you are not in hospital, contact your local council and tell them what you are having difficulty with. Social services will carry out a needs assessment to decide if reablement services might help you or whether you really need ongoing community care services.

How much does it cost?

Short-term reablement services are provided free of charge.

If, after a period of reablement, your social worker decides that you need long-term social care services, you will be asked to undergo a financial assessment to determine how much you should pay.

Last updated: 06/04/2023