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Health and Wellbeing
A Health and Well-being Wales Partner

Welcome to the Dewis Cymru website

This is an easy read page. It explains how to use Dewis Cymru.

Using this website

There is a lot of information on Dewis Cymru. There are a lot of pages.


Support to use the website

Our information is in plain English. It is not in easy read.

You may need to ask someone to help you:

  • find the information you need.

  • read and understand it.

Listening to the pages

You can listen to the pages by using something called ‘Browsealoud’. This reads out the information to you that is on the page. You can find the Browsealoud symbol on the top right side of each page.


Finding out more

When you are on an information page you will be able to find out about services near you on what you have been reading about. You can do this by clicking on a magnifying glass symbol towards the top right of the page. This is on most of the pages.


Searching for information

You can look for information by searching for it.

Type in what you want to find out about on the left of the home page where it says 'search'.

You can put in your postcode of where you live as well. This will tell you what information we have and what is available to help you in your local area.

For example if you want to know where to get advice on benefits, type in 'benefits'.Dewis Cymru will search for information and advice centres in your area that might be able to help you.


What is on this website

This website has information on:


1. Being Well


Being well is about being healthy and feeling good about yourself and your life.




2. Being Social


Being social is about keeping friendships and having good relationships. This can sometimes be difficult for different reasons.




3. Being at home


Your home is a place where you should feel happy and safe. Sometimes people need support to live at home.




4. Being Safe


We have to feel safe. If we do not feel safe we cannot relax at home or have fun with our friends. If we do not feel safe we may not feel confident to go out.




5. Managing your money


We need to be able to manage our money. We need money for our homes, to pay our bills, for food and for fun activities and holidays.




6. Children and families


We have information about being a parent. We can help you find out about childcare and education and other important things for children and families.




7. Looking after family and friends


If you help someone who could not manage without your help, you are a carer. We have information for carers about things like carer’s rights and benefits.