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There are many electronic devices available to improve the quality of life for people with memory loss or dementia and help them to live safely and independently at home.

Some of those available are:

Reminder messages where a recorded voice prompts someone to do something, e.g. pick up their keys or lock the front door. Family members can record personal and reassuring messages, like ‘Don’t let strangers in the house, Dad’.

Location aids help people to find frequently mislaid items around the home. The colour-coded system links individual items to a radio transmitter. When the item is lost, the corresponding colour-coded button is pressed.

Clocks and calendars remind people which day it is. Some show the date, day of the week and whether it is morning/evening too (useful in the summer).

Computer software and apps have been shown to help people with memory loss or dementia and touchscreen technology has now made it easier for people to use computers, tablets and iPads.

Information and advice

The Alzheimer’s Society provides detailed information about products which may be helpful for people with dementia. There is also an online shop.

Living Made Easy has lots of information about alerts, alarms and monitoring systems.

Age UK recommends useful apps and websites for people with dementia.

Book of You enables older people, including people with dementia and people with learning disabilities to record their life story using words, pictures, music and film to show who they are (and who they once were).

Last updated: 03/05/2023