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With all reablement services, the aim is to help you regain the mobility, practical skills and confidence you have lost. Support will vary from person to person and might involve learning new skills and/or removing environmental barriers to you living independently.

Everyone is different and the actual support you receive will depend upon your personal needs and the goals you set yourself. It’s important that these goals are achievable in the timescale.

Your support might include help with:

  • washing and dressing
  • going up and down the stairs safely
  • preparing and cooking meals
  • simple exercises to help regain mobility, strength and confidence
  • learning how to use new equipment and technology to help you
  • finding practical solutions to problems
  • encouraging social contact, e.g. finding out about lunch clubs and other activities
  • offering advice on how to reduce the risk of falls
  • prompting medication
  • signposting you to other services if long-term support is needed

Reablement does not address your health needs, but will help you to find ways to live as independently as possible while taking into account your health needs.

Who will provide my reablement services?

Reablement services are provided by health, housing and social services, usually in partnership with one another and often with third sector organisations like The Red Cross and Care and Repair Cymru (for minor adaptations).

A typical reablement team will include a range of health and social care professionals, including occupational therapists, social workers, physiotherapists, psychiatric nurses, psychotherapists, reablement workers, home care workers, staff from charities and other specialist workers.

Provision varies across Wales, depending on which area you live and some areas provide a broader range of services than others.

Last updated: 06/04/2023