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Recent changes to housing law mean that your local council now has a legal duty to provide advice and practical assistance to anyone who is homeless or at risk of becoming homeless within 56 days, even when there is no legal duty to provide housing.

This duty still applies in local authority areas where the housing stock has been transferred to a housing association.

Getting help and advice

It’s always a good idea to get advice as early as possible because a housing adviser might help you to find a way to stay in your home, find a new home quickly (to prevent you becoming homeless) or get help from your local council.

Citizens Advice and housing charities like Shelter Cymru and Llamau can also provide advice on a wide range of housing issues, including homelessness, mortgage and rent arrears.

Applying for social housing

If you are currently renting privately – or you are about to have your home repossessed by the mortgage company – you might decide to apply for social housing.

Social housing is the term used to describe property which is owned and rented out by local councils and housing associations.

Last updated: 12/06/2017