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Day services – sometimes referred to as ‘day activities’ – may be provided alone or as part of a bigger package of care as outlined in your care plan.

Day services encourage people to get out and about home and mix with others, thus helping to reduce loneliness and isolation. Travel to and from the day centre is usually arranged as part of the service.

Some day services also provide personal care and health services, for example, bathing and nail cutting.

Who are day services for?

Day services may be provided alone or as part of an overall package of care to people with care and support needs.

This may include:

  • older people, including those with dementia
  • people with learning disabilities
  • people with physical and sensory disabilities
  • people with mental health needs

Types of day services

The type of day services you receive will differ depending on your care and support plan and what is available in your local authority area.

This might include:

Those with high level needs may be able to receive support on a one-to-one basis.

Arranging day services or day activities

If you are not currently receiving social care services, the first step is to contact your local council and ask to have your care and support needs assessment.

During the assessment, make sure you tell the social worker what it is you want to do, for example, learn to cook, get out and meet new friends or go to a lunch club.

If you are looking after someone

As well as providing a change of scenery and social opportunities for people with support needs, day services can also offer a lifeline to carers who need a break from their caring role.

Contact your local council and ask for a carer’s assessment.

Paying for day services

There is a charge for day services. You will be asked to undergo a financial assessment to determine how much you should pay.

Last updated: 27/04/2023