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When you’ve been looking after someone with support needs, it can be difficult to pinpoint the right time to ask for outside support.

Circumstances can – and do – change. Perhaps the other person’s support needs were once low-level needs which have steadily increased.

Anyone is entitled to have an assessment of their needs when there appears to be a need for care and support – even when you are currently meeting those needs as the person’s carer.

If your own health is not good – or you have other commitments – it may be time to ask the local council to provide more support for the other person.  

Arranging a needs assessment

Contact your local council to arrange an assessment of the needs of the person you are caring for.

The social worker – or other professional – who carries out this assessment will find out what matters to the other person and what they would like to achieve (their personal outcomes).

The local council will then consider how they can support the person to achieve these outcomes. Sometimes this might simply be providing information or ‘signposting’ them to preventative services.

For example:

The social worker (or other practitioner) will consider the role of family, friends and carers at this point, so it’s important to stress what you are – and are not – willing to do.

Remember, as a carer you have the same right to support as the person you are looking after.