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Whether it’s the weekly groceries, off-the-shelf medication, household items or clothes, there’s always something we need to get from the shops.

So what happens when you are unable to go shopping, perhaps because you are frail or feel vulnerable in a crowded supermarket or shopping mall? Maybe your local shop has closed and you have difficulty getting to another one?


Depending on where you live, some supermarket chains provide free bus services to and from their stores. You could ask a friend or relative if you could go to the supermarket with them, or if they would do some shopping for you.

Home deliveries

It’s always worth checking if local businesses are prepared to deliver (for a small fee), especially if you are a regular customer.

They may be a vanishing breed but milkmen still exist who will deliver milk and other fresh products to your door. To find your nearest, visit

Companies like Riverford will deliver vegetable, salad and fruit boxes as well as dairy products to your home every week. Or ask your local greengrocer (and/or butcher) if they will deliver to you.

Online shopping

Many busy people do most of their shopping online nowadays. It’s possible to buy almost everything you need online: from clothes and books, theatre tickets and holidays, to Christmas shopping and the weekly groceries.

Online shopping is now offered by most large supermarket chains. There is usually a minimum spend and delivery charges vary depending on time/day. If you’re not online why not ask a friend or family member to help you. You could even share delivery costs.

If your problem is not getting to the shop but carrying the groceries home, ask if the store will deliver. Some supermarkets offer free delivery if you spend over a certain amount, e.g. Iceland

Last updated: 06/04/2023