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Fires start suddenly, spread quickly and put lives in danger.

The best thing to do is avoid them starting in the first place. Open fires, portable heaters, candles, chip pans and cigarettes are all major causes of fires. Old and badly maintained electrical equipment and overloaded sockets are also potential hazards. It goes without saying, to keep matches and lighters out of reach of children.

If the worst does happen and a fire starts, never attempt to tackle it yourself. Make sure everyone gets out of the building quickly and call the fire service on 999.

Smoke alarms and home safety checks

Statistics show you are six times more likely to die from a fire in your home if you don’t have a smoke alarm fitted.

Don’t take the risk. Wherever you live in Wales, your local fire service will fit your home with a free smoke alarm and carry out a free home fire safety check.

During the visit, which takes about twenty minutes and can be arranged at your convenience, fully trained fire and rescue staff (who always carry an identification card) will:

  • support and install a free, potentially lifesaving, smoke detector or ensure existing alarms are working
  • provide advice on how to make your home safe from fire
  • help you prepare an escape plan to help you make your way out of the property in the event of a fire
  • provide specialised equipment for deaf and hard of hearing people
  • assess whether you are at high risk and may benefit from specialist equipment to keep you safe.

To find out more, watch this short film about home fire safety checks.

Book your home fire safety check:

Call: 0800 169 1234 or text 88365, prefixing the message with the word HFSC.

To book online - or find out more about fire safety in the home - visit your local fire service website:

South Wales Fire Service

Mid and West Wales Fire Service

North Wales Fire Service

Protecting you from arson

While the majority of arsonists target empty buildings, e.g. abandoned warehouses or schools, there are some perpetrators who are prepared to put lives at risk and set fire to someone’s home.

If you fall into a specific vulnerable group, e.g. you are a victim of domestic abuse or hate crime, you might consider having a metal letterbox fitted for your own peace of mind. These contain most burning materials (including fireworks) by cutting off the oxygen support.

For more information contact your local fire crime unit:

Mid and West Wales Fire Service - Call: 0370 6060699 or email:

North Wales Fire Service - Call: 01745 535250 or complete an online contact form.

South Wales Fire Crime Unit - Call: 0800 731 72 87 or email:

Last updated: 25/09/2015