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You might think of yourself as being safe at home, but the reality is that your home can be a very dangerous place. In fact, more accidents happen at home than anywhere else, with children under the age of five and people over 65 the most likely victims.

The good news is that most home accidents can be avoided if you maintain your home and appliances properly, take sensible precautions and look out for warning signs that something is amiss.

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents has a lot of home safety guidance on its website, including sections about general home safety, older people safety and product safety.

Some of the best online safety advice comes from Wales’s three fire and rescue services.

North Wales Fire and Rescue Service provides plenty of information on its website about Keeping You Safe. Topics like electrics, candles, having an escape route and escaping from a high building are covered.

Mid and West Wales Fire and Rescue Service has a comprehensive Home Safety section on its website.

South Wales Fire and Rescue Service also has plenty of information on its website, including information about electrical safety.

All three organisations will carry out free home safety visits and you may be eligible for free smoke alarms.

Last updated: 28/04/2023