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Shared Lives Schemes - also known as adult placements are a family-based way of supporting a vulnerable person’s housing needs.

This type of supportive accommodation can be the ideal stepping stone on the way to independent living.

This sharing arrangement is often referred to as ‘shared lives’.

How the scheme works

The approved host family shares their home and family life with the person who needs support, usually on a long-term basis.

The person lives with the family as their tenant and is able to claim Housing Benefit to cover the rent.

Great care is taken to match each participant with a suitable family and everyone is encouraged to get to know one another before making any long-term commitment.

Most people who live as part of the scheme have learning disabilities; however, this kind of living arrangement can also be ideal for care leavers, young disabled adults, older people and people with mental health issues, physical disabilities or a range of disabilities.

Short stays

While the majority of people are looking for somewhere to live long term, the scheme can also be used to support someone for just a day or two, or maybe overnight.

A short-term arrangement provides the person with support needs with a change of scenery and the opportunity to make new friends. The person’s usual carer has an opportunity to take a short break from their caring role.

Shared Lives Schemes are regulated services, which means they are registered with and inspected regularly by the Care Inspectorate Wales (CIW).

Last updated: 31/01/2018