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Supported accommodation (also called ‘supported housing’ or ‘supported lodgings’) combines housing with support services to help you live as independently as possible.

There are different types of supported accommodation available, depending on the level of your support needs and whether those needs are temporary or long-term, physical or mental.

Supported accommodation schemes may include:

Shared houses

Sharing a home with friends is a great way to live independently while receiving 24-hour support. Shared houses are ideal for adults with learning or physical disabilities, or a mental health issue, who need support with personal care or daily living activities like cooking, cleaning and budgeting from a locally based support team.

You will usually be a tenant in your own home and will be encouraged to get involved with the local community.

As with sheltered accommodation, there is an 'alarm system' to call for help in an emergency.

Some adults with learning disabilities might prefer an adult placement scheme which means you live in a family environment.

Hostel accommodation

Hostel accommodation is usually of a more temporary nature. You will usually have your own room (often en suite) but you will often share kitchen and other facilities.

Individual hostels usually meet specific needs. For example, they might provide support to vulnerable young people, e.g. care leavers, or women seeking refuge from domestic abuse.

Some charities run hostels to support and rehabilitate people who have been abusing alcohol or other substances. In such instances, your stay will usually be temporary and you will not be offered a tenancy.

Sheltered housing and extra care schemes

Sheltered housing and extra care schemes are mainly for older people who are able to live independently with some support. Sometimes, adults with learning disabilities choose sheltered housing as a safe and supportive environment in which to live.

Some types of supported accommodation are regulated services, which means they are registered with and inspected regularly by the Care Inspectorate Wales (CIW)

Last updated: 28/04/2023